Galapagos Live-Aboards

Galapagos Live-Aboards are the only way to dive the legendary northern islands of Wolf & Darwin.  If you are even reading this, no further explanation is necessary. For others, these sites are considered to be the best on the planet for pelagic life.  Between July and mid-November, the odds of sighting whale sharks are roughly 99%.  Hammerheads are year round, often in the thousands, though populations are diminished late Feb-April as they migrate to Cocos.  The huge and curious Galapagos sharks do not migrate and are always around Wolf.  Tagging has shown they only go out 2 kilometers to feed at night and then back.

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Live-Aboard Discounts and Promotional Departures: Throughout the year, we promise to meet or beat any quote you get for space(s) on any Galapagos liveaboard. Please do take a look at our listed Galapagos Liveaboard promotional departures (discounts!) page and then get in touch with us to hold spaces, ask questions, etc.

1 2017 Liveaboard Comparison New
2 Astrea
3 The Aggressor III
4 Galapagos Master
5 Galapagos Sky
6 Humboldt Explorer
7 Nortada